Terms and Conditions 
Booking a Stay with Bahamas Charter

  1. STAY
    • 1.1 Stay for four (4) persons, hereinafter referred to as “renters”, for a seven (7) days journey aboard the Rita V yacht in the Bahamas. The seven (7) day stay is valid only between the first (1st) of January two thousand and twenty (2020) and the thirty (30) of April two thousand and twenty (2020), subject to the availability of the Bahamas Charter calendar. The reservation of the stay must be made at least seven (7) days before the departure. The seven (7) days stay can only begin on a Saturday during the aforementioned predetermined period. Tenants will also receive a souvenir video and photos of their stay on one (1) USB key. If it is not possible to return the USB key at the end of the stay, Bahamas Charter undertakes to transmit to the renters, electronically, the video and photos of the trip.
    • 1.2 The itinerary described in the “Route” page is the one we plan for all stays. If you have another route in mind, you can propose it to us before making the reservation (the route that we propose is about 190 miles, it would be necessary to respect this distance). It should be noted that temperature (wind, waves, storms or other) may force us to change the itinerary at the last minute and that no refund or reduction will be given in this case. In the event of mechanical breakdowns that would prevent us from traveling, you will be entitled to a refund equivalent to the number of days you’ve lost. On the other hand, if the mechanical break causes no major delay on the route and if we can complete the itinerary, there will be no compensation.
    • 2.1 The price does not include the following: mooring fees, dock fees at marinas, cost of passports, tourist, visa and vaccination certificates, round-trip flights, air carrier fees, airport and transportation charges, local tax from certain destinations, taxes on goods and services or other similar taxes , travel insurance, transfer from home to the airport and vice-versa, transportation from the Bahamas Airport to the Nassau Marina and for return to the airport, personal expenses, excursions, entry fees or access to the sites and any other expenses, this includes ground transportation, food, beverages, alcohol, restaurants, communication fees, gratuities, optional tours, insurance and medical and travel documents required.
    • 2.2 Aboard the yacht, there will be no internet access. We will be in remote areas and it is difficult to access. Some marinas may offer you access to the internet if you are willing to pay the fees. There will be a cell phone on board for emergencies, but it is not always possible to have a signal.
    • 2.3 Bahamas Charter cannot be held responsible if the weather, the cancellation of events or other factors (natural disaster, riot or political situation likely to put the lives of renters or members of the crew in danger, strike or others) prevent full or partial stay, and renters will not be compensated in this regard. The itinerary of the trip is a suggested itinerary. It can be changed at any time, without compensation, depending on weather conditions or any other situation beyond our control. If a mechanical breakdown results in a loss of the day(s) of the stay, Bahamas Charter will reimburse, on a pro rata basis, the day(s) lost(s). But if the break only causes a delay on the route, but no day is lost, the renters will not have any compensation.
    • 2.4 As indicated on the booking page, the price for the week includes: the captain, one (1) sailor, private access to the boat, the master bedroom rental for two (2) adults with private bathroom (equipped with a bathtub), the VIP bedroom rental for two (2) adults. Some basic items are included, such as toilet paper, body soap bar, shampoo/conditioner bar for hair, hand soap, dish soap and household cleaning products (all biodegradable).
    • 3.1 Prior to departure, renters must have no restrictions on their ability to travel or to participate in the stay. Renters will be responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents and authorizations prior to departure, all necessary medical authorizations (including, but not limited to, preventive vaccinations), all administrative documents (including but not limited to, passports and visas), as well as all permits/authorizations required in connection with the stay and the related laws and regulations. Bahamas Charter will not be held responsible in the event that the renters would not be able to enjoy their stay, or be part of it, due to non-compliance with these requirements and tenants will not be refunded.
    • 3.2 Renters must follow Bahamas Charter guidelines with respect to available calendar dates. Bahamas Charter cannot be held responsible in case renters are denied access to a flight, entry to the country or return to the city of departure. In such a situation, the renters will be responsible for any additional costs incurred. Renters are required to follow all Bahamian rules and requirements. Failure to comply with these rules and requirements could result in, but not be limited to, expulsion from the trip, refusal of admission to the boat and cancellation, without refund or compensation, of the trip in whole or in part.
    • 4.1 Bahamas Charter are documenting (photos and videos) the adventures on a daily basis. Although it is not the intention to include the renters in the Vlog, it might happen during the stay. Pictures and videos taken specifically for the renters will be for their personal usage, but might be used as promotional content with the consent of the renters. Bahamas Charter will communicate with the renters and send them by e-mail their letter of exemption to be completed and signed (Appendix 1).
    • 4.2 Renters are releasing Bahamas Charter, their subsidiaries, franchisees, parent companies, affiliated companies, their employees, agents and representatives from all liability and from any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, arising from an accident, injury, death, delay, mishap, change of itinerary, length of stay due to weather conditions or force majeure, loss of enjoyment, annoyance, disappointment, anxiety or mental or physical frustration that may occur because of the acceptance or use of the stay.
    • 4.3 Anyone who participates in the stay agrees to abide by these terms and conditions and the decisions of the authorized representatives, which are irrevocable and binding in all respects.
    • 5.1 The stay is valid for seven (7) days commencing on a Saturday between the first (1st) of January two twenty (2020) and the thirty (30) April two thousand and twenty (2020) according to the availability of the Bahamas Charter. The reservation of the stay must be made at least seven (7) days before the beginning of the stay.
    • 5.2 In the event that you should cancel your reservation, regardless of the reason, you will receive a refund of fifty percent (50%) of the amount paid if you cancel at least ninety (90) days before the date of the beginning of the stay. Renters, who fail to comply with this ninety (90) day notice, will not be refunded. If you require changing the date of departure, it is possible to do so at least thirty (30) days before the initial departure date, in accordance with the requirements mentioned in the previous point (point 5.1).
    • 5.3 All reservations must be paid in full before you can reserve your place. You will receive a payment confirmation email from Paypal for confirmation of payment. If you do not want to use Paypal, you can contact us by email and we will make payment by credit card over the phone and we will send you a payment confirmation by email.
    • 6.1 Bahamas Charter cannot assume any liability for claims, losses, damages, expenses or expenses that may result from any breakage, accident, injury, death, delay, mishap, loss of pleasure, annoyance, physical or mental frustration. Tenants have the responsibility to insure themselves the goods they bring with them (cameras, equipment, etc.)
    • 6.2 Bahamas Charter is not responsible for the weather conditions and inconveniences, delays or changes in itinerary arising from them.
    • 7.1 Throughout the stay, the renters undertake to respect the laws and regulations of the Bahamas. They must also comply with Rita V’s safety guidelines and regulations. These include, but are not limited to, the obligation to behave responsibly, to act with caution and vigilance, to respect others, to care of all parts of the boat, etc. It is forbidden to smoke and vape on all parts of the boat with the exception of the platform when the boat is not moving, to consume drugs, to throw anything with water, to use products harmful to the environment.
    • 7.2 If renters voluntarily or unintentionally cause a breakage, alteration or loss of an object or part of the boat, the tender or any accessory aboard the boat (regardless of value), they will be fully responsible for the expenses incurred to repair or replace, in whole or in part, what was lost, altered or broken by their fault.
    • 7.3 Renters will be required to participate in daily and household chores on the boat. They will be fully responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms and their private bathroom and will share the tasks of the common areas with the captain and the sailor. Renters must also comply with the laws and regulations regarding boating safety (e.g. the obligation to wear a personal flotation vest (PFD) aboard the kayak or the tender).
    • Renters agree to comply with all the above mentioned Bahamas Charter regulations, by ticking the box provided for this purpose during the purchase of the stay.
    • 9.1 In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the terms and conditions set forth in the French and English versions of this document, the terms and conditions set forth in the English version shall prevail.
    • 9.2 Bahamas Charter is located in the judicial district of Terrebonne, QC, Canada.
    • 9.3 These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.