Montreal to Caraquet New-Brunswick, 2000km in 3 weeks!

Montreal to Caraquet New-Brunswick, 2000km in 3 weeks!

What an awesome journey to experience. We had only 3 weeks of vacation and nearly 2000km to travel by sea. It was a cool summer, morning temperatures were always around 12 to 15 degrees Celsius and never rose much above 25 in the afternoon.

We anchored out a few nights, but with over 10 feet of tides we had to learn a new anchoring style. With a quick search in Google I came up with the Bahamian anchoring style. It consists of letting out your main anchor out to a proper length. Once that is done, take your dinghy out with your second anchor and go 180 degrees opposite of your main one. Let it drop in the water and then tie it up to you main anchor. Finally, let out enough chain on your main anchor for the height of the tide. That way, your boat can turn around and never get caught in the anchor.

Another great point we learned was the effect of tides and waves on the St-Lawrence. The St-Lawrence is like a funnel with strong tidal currents coming in and out of it twice a day. When that happens, it creates 3-4 foot waves. If the wind happens to be in the right direction and amplifies this effect, you will be in for quite a rough ride. As we came around Percé Rock at loosing tide, we hit 10 foot waves created by the cross currents of the loosing tide in Chaleur Bay. We lost an engine and had to quickly find a marina for the night to make repairs!

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